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featured, from the frontlines

2014 March 10
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by molrask

NewsHour shoot, Kenya

“It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do a little…” – Sydney Smith


Just off two incredible, fascinating trips to Kenya, East Africa, where I reported two feature stories for The NewsHour with correspondent Jeffrey Brown – one on the crisis of elephant poaching, the other on a literary festival, emerging African writers and the threat of terrorism. Kenya is a spectacular country. In the past two years its faced a growing threat from extremist terrorist groups and some political unrest. But the beauty of the landscape, and the wildlife, make it a country well worth visiting in a lifetime. I will never forget watching the sun set over Mt. Kilimanjaro as a herd of more than 80 majestic wild elephants passed by, so close to our vehicle I could almost reach out and touch them. A link to our stories is below, along with some of my favorite snapshots.

Now at work on next steps for “Still We Rise” given the fact that Ebola continues to rage in West Africa. I’m struggling with my instinct – at once journalistic and human – to get on the next flight to Monrovia. But I can’t – no way, no how. I’ve spoken to health authorities here in NJ and were I to make the trip I’d have to be under a 21 day quarantine upon my return – impossible given the fact that I’ve got small kids at home. It’s one of the most frustrating, devastating stories I’ve ever covered. And doing so from the sidelines makes these feelings even worse. But it’s all I can do for now. Working on a lengthy magazine feature about Ebola heroes – details on pub date to come.

Racing to Save Kenya’s Elephants

Literary Festival Celebrates Flourishing African Literature


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“Tough times don’t last, but tough people do…” – R. Schuller


Pausing today to remember Danny Lewin, Internet genius, 9/11 victim/hero and inspiration for my book No Better Time. I continue to get the word out about Danny’s great legacy. On this year’s anniversary, the book is being featured in Tablet, and on several radio programs including WTOP in Washington, DC and WBZ in Boston.

Proud to be producing two important stories in Kenya for The NewsHour on PBS; one on the growing crisis of elephant poaching, the other on the power of poetry in the face of terrorism. Both shooting in Kenya in September, stay tuned for air dates/times.

As for Still We Rise, the documentary film I’ve been producing with Ben Niles in Liberia, West Africa since 2011 – please see the film’s Web site for details. After a successful fundraising campaign to complete the film, the deadly Ebola virus broke out and has since been ravaging the country. In light of this terrible news we have put the film on hold, and devoted our personal resources to supporting our friends on the ground in Liberia as best we can. On a personal note, I am greatly saddened by the trauma Ebola has already caused to Liberians. They’ve suffered so much and for so long, and I wonder just how much they can take. At the same time, I take comfort in knowing that they are the most resilient people I know. And I know that out of this new war they will RISE. Please check our Web site for updates on the news from Liberia and our film: STILL WE RISE


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Given today’s news, I’m holding on to this image. It’s from the More Than Me Academy in Liberia.


May 2014

We’ve launched!

It’s with great excitement that I share the launch of our FIRST fundraising campaign for STILL WE RISE through IndieGoGo. To date, we’ve raised all the funds for several trips to Liberia on our own – calling on the generosity of wonderful friends and family. I even held a community garage sale, which helped us raise money and bags full of supplies that we delivered to Liberians in need on every trip.

Now, we’re in the final push, and we need to cast our net wider to raise the funds to finish the film and release it for the world to see.

Please check out our campaign link below and share it with anyone you know who might lend support to our film and push to bring global mental health out of the shadows.



With heartfelt thanks,

- Molly



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In other news:

Still actively engaged in publicizing my book, No Better Time; The Brief, Remarkable Life of Danny Lewin, the Genius Who Transformed the Internet (Da Capo Press, September 2013). I just completed a two-month-long radio junket, and am looking forward to some speaking engagements this Spring.

Honored to kickoff the season with an inspiring, memorable talk to a women’s group from  The Associated in Baltimore – thanks to the group for inviting me and helping me to give a “Voice to the Voiceless”…

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No Better Time:
The Brief, Remarkable Life of Danny Lewin, the Genius Who Transformed the Internet

featured, from the frontlines

2013 July 25
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by molrask

From a young age, Danny Lewin seemed to possess an uncanny sense of how short our time is. He vowed never to waste a second. And when he had an idea – even one as audacious as speeding up the Internet – he had to make it happen right away…

Little-known but thoroughly captivating life story… A superlatively written and well-deserved tribute to an overlooked internet pioneer and true American hero.” – Booklist

Bittersweet but celebratory.” – Kirkus

[A] terrific new biography.” – Tablet

Exceptional story…fascinating, significant and ultimately moving.” – Amazon Vine




In Production


2011 October 6
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by molrask

Still We RiseA story of healing, hope and promise for a broken nation

We’ve finished the trailer for our documentary, and are excited to begin sharing it. For more information on the film of how to support it, visit:

After 14 years of a brutal civil war the West African nation of Liberia is still rebuilding, but struggling against a silent and devastating adversary: trauma. For a population of more than 4 million there is only one practicing psychiatrist and one psychiatric hospital – until now. Against extraordinary odds, a group of 21 newly certified mental health workers are setting out to heal widespread psychological trauma. Still We Rise follows these young men and women on a remarkable journey of healing, hope and promise for a broken nation.

For more information about the film or how you can get involved, please contact me at


Latest news…


2012 September 28
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by molrask

Excited to be juggling several projects (in no particular order):

My book (non-fiction, to be published by Da Capo press in 2013).

Election season! Thrilled to get back out on the road for some political stories for “The NewsHour.” My first story aired in July, a report from the battleground state of PA where the legal fight over a controversial Voter ID law was gathering steam.

Liberia. Remain in production on Still We Rise, my documentary film  about an extraordinary group of young doctors determined to bring hope back to their war-torn West African nation.

I fully intended to blog daily from Liberia on my last trip there (in May), but the shoot proved much more grueling than the first and Internet access was tricky. During this trip we made it out of Monrovia to Nimba County – an 8-hour drive into the savannah. It was worth every mile to see such a different part of the country – one decimated by the war, but stunning in natural beauty and remarkable for the resilience and hope of its people. We’re scheduled to re-edit the trailer for “RISE” before the year’s end and raise our next round of funds, so expect more on this soon..