This weekend my family and I are having our first ever garage sale, which we’re hosting to benefit the doctors I’m featuring in my documentary Still We Rise. 

It’s a small gesture, but the impact on our new friends in Liberia will be great. On our next shoot in (May 13-21st) we’re traveling to Nimba County, a rural area several hours outside of Monrovia. In Nimba we’ll be following Aaron Debah, one of the ONLY mental health clinicians working in an area devastated by the civil wars. We’ll also shadow two female clinicians – Quendi and Helena – working and teaching in Monrovia.

In e-mail exchanges, I’ve asked these young health workers for a “wish list” of supplies. They’ve all taken great care to responded, and it’s clear that their needs are modest, but urgent. Among their “wishes”:

Pencils and notebooks for students at a school for the blind, basic medical supplies like bandages/Tylenol, plastic wrist watches, DVD’s of films about mental health to use for teaching and a small movie projector to teach new students training in mental health care….

So, stop by if you’re in the NJ area and can offer any support. All proceeds from our sale will go directly to the purchase of these supplies. Wish us luck! More to come as we get closer to our departure date, and a sincere thank you to our dear friends who donated to the sale.

(Details of the sale posted at: www.maplewoodonline.com)