Latest news…

Excited to be juggling several projects (in no particular order):

My book (non-fiction, to be published by Da Capo press in 2013).

Election season! Thrilled to get back out on the road for some political stories for “The NewsHour.” My first story aired in July, a report from the battleground state of PA where the legal fight over a controversial Voter ID law was gathering steam.

Liberia. Remain in production on Still We Rise, my documentary film  about an extraordinary group of young doctors determined to bring hope back to their war-torn West African nation.

I fully intended to blog daily from Liberia on my last trip there (in May), but the shoot proved much more grueling than the first and Internet access was tricky. During this trip we made it out of Monrovia to Nimba County – an 8-hour drive into the savannah. It was worth every mile to see such a different part of the country – one decimated by the war, but stunning in natural beauty and remarkable for the resilience and hope of its people. We’re scheduled to re-edit the trailer for “RISE” before the year’s end and raise our next round of funds, so expect more on this soon..