New Year!

An exciting start to 2015 with the completion of a few stories I’ve been working on for months…IMG_6521

MALI: Just back from a memorable trip (my first) to Mali, West Africa for the PBS NewsHour. I traveled there to produce three stories for correspondent Jeffrey Brown for a series called “Culture at Risk.” From Mali’s capital, Bamako, and the storied city of Timbuktu we reported on the country’s rich culture – specifically its music & ancient manuscripts – and the threat posed to these treasures by the jihadist militants who raided the North in 2012 and continue to threaten. Mali is a beautiful place. Having traveled to several countries in Africa I was struck by how relaxed and friendly the people are. They are peaceful, which makes the violence wrought by these extremists that much more heartbreaking. Because of security issues we had to travel to Timbuktu on a flight operated by the World Food Program. We never felt uneasy, but the threat is very real. In fact, the week after we returned home terrorists attacked a cafe in Bamako. All of this makes our stories that much more important. Links below….

Bringing Mali’s Music Back from Exile

Rescuing the Priceless Manuscripts of Timbuktu

EBOLA: As the Ebola epidemic reaches an end in Liberia, I reported on the fallout from the crisis in a 10-page feature for Scientific American Mind on orphans and one woman’s quest to save them. This story began in 2012 when I first visited the More Than Me academy in Monrovia. Since then I’ve continued to follow the great work of founder Katie Meyler and her staff, who found themselves on the front lines of the terrifying Ebola epidemic last summer.

The article can be found here: Standing Up to Ebola

Hoping to return to Liberia to complete a very important project, my documentary film with director Ben Niles, Still We Rise. More to come on this soon…