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Timbuktu Meets Morgan Freeman

Spent most of Summer 2015 producing on a short film for the non-profit organization Timbuktu Renaissance. Through my work in Mali, West Africa for the PBS NewsHour I met the founders of the group, which hopes to rebuild Timbuktu in the wake of its destruction by extremists in 2012. To do this they are using arts, culture and innovation – powerful weapons in the global war on terrorism. Editor Tom Placke and I cut a 5 minute short about the history of Timbuktu, the invasion and the plan to revitalize the ancient city. We circulated the script with one narrator in mind: Morgan Freeman! What better voice could any producer ask for? Fortunately he agreed, and we recorded somewhat on the fly at his hotel room in NYC. Yes, his voice is otherworldly. And yes, he is a true gentleman.

Check out the film at the link below. And if you like what you see, share it. Tweet about it. And think about ways in which you can support this important work…

Timbuktu Renaissance THE FILM