In about 48 hours we’ll be back on the ground in Liberia for the first time since February 2014, just weeks before the first cases of Ebola broke out. It’s hard to describe the excitement I feel about getting back to the country. We’ve waited so long to return and finish what we began in 2011 – a time when we could never have imagined that Liberia, just emerging from a 14-year civil war, could ever face another mass disaster. Then Ebola.

Given that the core of our film, STILL WE RISE, is about resilience, it will be interesting to see how the country has come out of its latest war – a gruesome epidemic that took thousands of lives. And what the status of mental health care is in a country where trauma has again been heaped on trauma.

We’ll post from the road – due back in Monrovia in a few days and will share updates as we can. #RISEup! – Molly

Molly Raskin

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