PBS NewsHourMolly has reported on a wide range of  national and global issues for the nightly news program including politics, immigration & arts. Her credits for the program include:

Bringing Mali’s Music Back from Exile (3/9/15)

Timbuktu, Mali  for the NewsHour (2015)

Rescuing the Priceless Manuscripts of Timbuktu (3/10/15)

Musician Salif Keita’s Journey from Outcast to Superstar (3/31/15)

Racing to Save Kenya’s Wildlife from Poachers (9/29/14)

Giving Traumatized Kids a Head Start in Healing (6/24/14)

Kenya, East Africa  for the NewsHour (2015)

Healing Liberia’s Psychological Scars (3/23/14)

Medicare is the Battle Cry in Tight House Races in FL and NY (10/10/12)

New Hampshire and the Female Vote (1/15/12)

The Economic Boom in Ohio and Election 2012 (10/26/12)

Without an ID, Some PA Votes Won’t Count (7/24/12)

Treating the Psychological Scars of Liberia’s Conflict (10/5/11)

Pennsylvania Town Passes Illegal Immigration Law (9/1/06)

Shields & Brooks: Produced weekly segment featuring the political analysis of syndicated columnist Mark Shields and New York Times columnist David Brooks.
Immigration Conversations
: A series of live conversations with leading voices from the immigration debate in the U.S. 
Producer/Writer: Timbuktu Renaissance: Short film for non-profit organization Timbuktu Renaissance, dedicated to helping a proud and determined society to counter the spread of violent extremism using its deeply rooted cultural legacy. Narrated by Morgan Freeman.
Strong Minds:  Short film for the non-profit organization Strong Minds, which treats depression in women in Uganda. Narrated by Ashley Judd.

Associate Producer:  “A Cry for Help: Teenage Mental Illness & Suicide”: PBS/April 2009. An in-depth look at the critical issue of mental illness in teenagers and the lack of support on college campuses for young people in distress.

“Where We Stand: America’s Schools in the 21st Century”:  PBS/September 2008. Hosted by Judy Woodruff,  a comprehensive and sobering look at the state of our public school system, and why our students are falling behind. “Where We Stand” was selected by The Week magazine as a ‘must-see.’

 Co-Founder, Gravy Pictures
Gravy PicturesGravy Pictures is an independent film and television production company located outside NYC. Founded by Ben Niles, Molly Raskin and Megan Wetherall, Gravy specializes in documentary-style, in-depth storytelling. Our original documentary series, The Big Table, is an intimate, compelling and often surprising look at the lives of food producers – from third generation dairy farming and fishing families, to a young chef who raises heritage turkeys and has united residents in his rural town with a Community Supported Agriculture Program. The first episode in our series, MILK features the Osofsky family, owners of Ronnybrook Farm, who have been milking in the Hudson Valley since the 1940s. Within 15 miles of their small town of Pine Plains, NY, there were once 50 dairy farms. Today, theirs is the only one left.